Disaster Recovery and
Insurance Claims

Few things are as important as the provision of contemporaneous high definition, low level aerial imagery and mapping to the Incident Command Post or Incident Commander for the purposes of preservation of life and property after a disaster or public calamity. The imagery allows for recovery planning, damage assessment and mitigation though the integration of resources utilizing common communication methods.

A thorough understanding of FEMA’s Incident Command System’s (ICS) protocols and procedures is necessary so that responding drone operators know what to expect and how to avoid hindering the objectives of the recovery effort. There are a myriad of persons, agencies, jurisdictions, utility workers and air assets jointly involved in disaster recovery and only Incident Command personnel can provide the necessary coordination, situational awareness and dispatch instructions to the participating parties for a effective recovery effort.

Insurers and joint insurers need to rapidly assess claims and liabilities to minimize covered losses. Imagery collected by drones document claim files and justify the payment of claims.