Capital Projects to
Capital Assets

The efficacy of drones in the construction, development and real estate industries has been well documented. From undeveloped land to survey to project completion, a drone’s high resolution video and still imagery can keep project managers and stakeholders continually appraised of a project’s progress. In the event the project is built for sale, the final imagery can be used for marketing and sales. Companies and consortiums with asset portfolios can gather imagery of assets to populate websites and provide those images to banks, investors and real estate professionals in the usual course of business.

During the course of a project, aerial imagery is a valuable tool to help project managers, foremen, subcontractors and trade-persons keep track of job site progress. Other advantages are ascertaining the idle volume of building materials and their locations, fill and excavation soil management, rain runoff issues, suitable ingress and egress for trucks, cranes and equipment and the identification of logistic problems and remedies. Above all, drone imagery can help identify hazardous conditions and create a safe working environment.