Manned Aircraft Culture, Safety, and Strict Regulatory Compliance

The rapidly evolving technology contained in modern drones and the various cameras and sensors they can carry make the case that as far as obtaining high resolution aerial imagery goes, drones are a vital tool in any company or entity’s toolbox.

The Federal Aviation Association (FAA) has plenary regulatory authority of all U.S. airspace and aircraft. The FAA classifies drones as “aircraft” and as such the FAA is the primary regulatory authority of drone operations across the country. 34 North Solutions incorporates a FAA styled “manned aircraft culture” by following the protocols and procedures established in manned aviation established over the decades.

State, federal and local authorities have enacted various rules and regulations relative to the physical locations drone operators and their drones are permitted to take off and land. The regulatory landscape concerning drones is constantly evolving as new technology is developed.

Strict compliance with all rules, regulations, laws and ordinances is imperative for the safety of persons and property both in the air and on the ground.