Data, Security and Cybersecurity

Modern cameras and sensors can generate exceptionally large amounts of digital data that can consume equal amounts of digital storage. Some start up programs describe the intake of data as a “tsunami” of data that they were ill prepared to store, organize, categorize or centralize. Companies in the entertainment industry are set up for this type of storage along with the processing power necessary for post production. Other companies must integrate and adapt their databases to utilize this data by interested parties while at the same time ensuring that all other data on a project or asset are one click away. If a company desires to outsource data acquisition or filming, the company should be prepared to accept and manage that data. This might require a separate and distinct team solely tasked with these projects and assets.

Cybersecurity for all industries is a predominant concern. 34 North Solutions establishes a chain of custody protocol in the field where data and film is strictly controlled by 34 North Solutions’ personnel. This data and film is completely unavailable to outside individuals until relinquished to the clients and customers. Drones, cameras and sensors are denied internet connections and physical storage devices (SDs, encrypted hard drives or otherwise) are delivered physically to clients and customers or delivered via locations that are internet capable of US Government approved encrypted transmission and storage to clients and customers.