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We provide aerial cinematography for film and TV, photography, sensor imagery and inspection services. Our core principles are the development of longstanding relationships based on open communication, mutual trust, cooperation and integrity.

Toni Saarinen-Jorden

Toni Saarinen-Jorden

Owner, CEO and FAA Part 107 Pilot

Our Mission

34 North Solutions provides value to our clients and their projects with efficiency and without hassle or unnecessary delay. Our associates have years to decades of experience with thousands of hours of flight time in manned and unmanned aircraft combined collecting film, data and imagery. Our associates are highly trained and skilled in their trades. Our training and recurrent training protocol in procedure, rules and regulations and safety mitigates risk and builds confidence and efficiency. We are able to scale up and scale down rapidly if the client so desires.

What Our Experience Has Taught Us

Our Pilots, Equipment and the Question of Outsourcing

Our professional and FAA certified pilots are trained in the culture of manned aviation and they have accumulated hundreds to thousands of hours of flight time operating UAVs (drones) and manned aircraft.

Manned Aircraft Culture, Safety and Strict Regulatory Compliance

The rapidly evolving technology contained in modern drones and the various cameras and sensors they can carry make the case that as far as obtaining high resolution aerial imagery goes, drones are a vital tool in any company or entity’s toolbox.

Data, Security and Cybersecurity

Modern cameras and sensors can generate exceptionally large amounts of digital data that can consume equal amounts of digital storage. Some start up programs describe the intake of data as a “tsunami” of data that they were ill prepared to store, organize, categorize or centralize.

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